iMac and Mac Mini stock running low – update on its way?

It seems those rumours about a new iMac could well have some legs, as Apple has apparently started informing its stores that iMac and Mac Mini stock i

In fact, all direct sales channels have been informed that many current orders on the desktop SKUs will not be honoured, and were also told not to expect the current models to be restocked.

This includes all four models in its all-in-one iMac line, as well as the lower end Mac Mini, which we've heard little about since its launch.

This news is backed up by the fact that the US Amazon store ran out of all iMac models and Mac Minis at the beginning of the month, and has yet to restock on any of them.

Launched in 2007, the iMac is certainly due a little makeover, with talk suggesting a slimmer body and even Blu-ray player. Word has it that the Mac Mini will be less about an aesthetic update and more about component and CPU upgrades to improve the spec.

Volume partners trying to order the current Mac Mini have reportedly been told that the line has been discontinued and that availability should improve in the next few weeks.

Does this mean we have another Apple announcement on our hands? Let us know below what you'd like to see in the new iMacs, and be sure to check out our full reviews of the iMac and Mac Mini.

Via: AppleInsider