iLuv MobiAir iMM377 gets to grips with non-Apple phones

Bluetooth speaker dock charges phones with its "robotic" grip

The iLuv iMM377 MobiAir wireless speaker dock promises to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for Android, WP7 and BlackBerry handsets.

Finding docks that will charge phones that aren't iPhones can be tricky but iLuv might just have made the dock for you.

The MobiAir will hook up to your mobile via A2DP Bluetooth so you can be rocking loud tunes straight from your pocket, but it's also got you covered when it comes to charging up.

iLuv's myBot OmniFit Technology uses "robotic" arms to automatically grasp your handset, whatever its shape. It's then hooked up via micro USB to start powering up your drained device.

We're not sure it'll be quite like handing your phone to C3PO, but it looks like a great option for micro USB-powered models.

The iLuv MobiAir is out in May and both models should cost sub-£70.

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