iLife 09 hitting shelves 27 January

Macworld may not have thrown up the killer Apple gadget we were all gagging for, but on top of the slick new 17in MacBook Pro, Phil Schiller did serve

While the latter is out now, Apple has just confirmed that iLife 09 will be up for grabs on 27 January. That's tomorrow for those of you away from a calendar.

The new raft of software doesn't come cheap at £69, but it does offer some neat updates on apps that Mac fans have come to know and love. There's a beefed up iPhoto with 'Faces and Places' tech, letting you utilise geotagging and face detection on your Mac. Plus iMovie has had a much–needed revamp, with greater depth for home movie junkies.

GarageBand has also had a makeover, with new piano and guitar lessons to set you on your way, before you start laying down tracks and fulfilling your dreams of becoming a bedroom rock star.

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