iKlax iPhone app lets Bowie fans remix Space Oddity.

40 years after Major Tom floated off away, David Bowie's astro-pop classic Space Oddity is being rereleased. And all you need is a copy of Garageband

Buy the EP from iTunes for £2.49 and you'll get the eight stems that make up the song as well as four versions of the original track.

Once you've got your hands on those separate parts (from the vocals to mellotron lines and stylophone noodling) you can remix them in an audio editor or using the iKlax Space Oddity Multi-track app for iPhone and iPod Touch. 

The Bowie version is not live in the iTunes app store yet but previous versions dedicated to the Stereo MCs were a steal at £0.59.

As well as painstakingly faffing around with the tracks yourself, the app will create random mixes when you shake it.

Bowie's decision to sell the stems that make up the song follows in the footsteps of Radiohead who ran a competition to remix their song Nude in 2008.

The Space Oddity EP is available to pre-order now and iKlax Space Oddity Multi-track App will be available from the iTunes store from the 20 July. More info at and