IFA 2009: Sony Press Conference Live

16:00 With 3D glasses in hand, ready to see Sony's new 3D TVs and whatever else they've got to reveal for us. Glasses are actually quite snazzy.16:02

16:00 With 3D glasses in hand, ready to see Sony's new 3D TVs and whatever else they've got to reveal for us. Glasses are actually quite snazzy.

16:02 Kasabian soundtracking a clip reel of flashy film clips ending with a heavy breathing Cristian Bale. Now Fujio Nishida, President of Sony Europe, has taken to the stage. He's talking about economic uncertainty. Less of that, more 3D TVs please!

16:04 Sir Howard Stringer, Sony's big boss, takes to the stage. What a lovely avuncular chap he is. He's a big IFA fan apparently. More global economic crisis chat. "We couldn't anticipate the turmoil that would force us to evaluate everything we do…maybe the worst is over but we know we need to work harder." He's on business stuff – restructuring the company and all that jazz.

16:06 Sony Ericsson's new President, Bert Nordberg, is set to come on stage as well as other senior guys from Sony. Expect phone news as well as TVs and more.

16:08 The number of 3D cinema screen has increased by over 30% this year. 7000 screens by end of 2010.

16:09 Stringer is talking about Sony's 3D cinema projectors. Now making reference to 3D in the home. Now talking about Cloudy With Meat Balls the 3D film. We're going to watch it in 3D using the Real D glasses.

16:11 It's impressive but slightly blurry for someone like me who has bad eyes and uses glasses normally. Looks like I'll need contacts to really enjoy these films.

16:12 Burgers come flying out of the screen at us followed by a massive spaghetti storm.

16:13 There will be full HD Bravia TVs, 3D support on PS3 and Blu-ray. Sky gets a mention as a firm planning 3D TV. Doesn't look like those stories about Sony not playing nice with Sky are true.

16:14 Now seeing FIFA Football shown in 3D, impressive footage of fish swimming towards us and Mororstorm Pacific Drift in 3D. Even on such a massive screen the visuals feel very immersive.

16:16 The new Bravia will be 1080P and 3D. Stringer has now moved on to talking Playstation, the new Playstation 3 and the Playstation Network. There are now 26m Playstation Network accounts. The video service in the US is…well…huge. It'll now launch in November in Spain, France and the UK. It'll feature "hundreds of titles" at launch. You'll be able to download for rental to PS3 and PSP and share downloads between them. All the big studios are involved as well as local content.

16:19 The Playstation Network is coming to more of Sony's devices. Now Stringer's introducing something new. This is his "one more thing". Make.believe – it's a "global brand message". Hmmm…sounds cool. "It's where inspiration meets creativity, where creativity meets reality" where ad men meet sentences that go on to long.

16:21 We're seeing a new Sony ad with a "space, the final frontier feel", Sony products connecting with each other in a pastel coloured abstract world. I wonder if they've slipped something in the bottles of Vaio water.

16:23 "Sony is in the midst of a pivotal change." Well, Sir Howard sounds excited.

16:24 Right, here they come: new products set for Europe this year. Here comes the tasty stuff. 

16:25 Fujio Nishida is talking about the popularity of video sharing sites like Youtube. 76% of European internet users watch video online, more than 70% say they watch less TV as a result. He's now talking about "catch-up TV"

16:26 "Watching long form TV programmes on a PC is an unsatisfying experience. They're intended for the lean back attitude of watching the TV…" Looks like we're getting a way to deliver iPlayer to your living room TV.

16:27 Early 2010, Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and Blu-ray home entertainment systems to get Bravia Internet Video built in to the X-Media bar. Catch-up TV services will be brought straight to the your TV – including services from Channel 5 and the BBC (iPlayer). Internet services like Youtube will be included too.

16:29 From early next year, Bravia TVs will also include triple HD tuners – Freesat, Freeview and more. To maximise the benefit of catch-up TV, Blu-ray players will have built-in WiFi.

16:30 Now new camcorders and cameras – Cybershot TX1 and Cybershot WX1. We're being reminded about sweep panorama – creating a panorama in 1 second with fast shooting. The Party Shot has just made an appearance too – our favourite creepy automatic tripod.

16:34 Now talking about the Alpha 500 and Alpha 550. The Alpha 850 is the new pro-am camera.

16:35 On 22nd September, Sony is staging a global event called twilight football as twilight moves across the world, seven football matches will begin. Twilight, a canvas for shots taken with Sony's new cameras.

16:36 Time for the obligatory environmental section of the presentation. Sony's Eco credentials are winged through. All Sony sites powered by renewal energy. Pretty impressive.

16:38 Sony is investing in future eco technologies and is involved in lots of charity projects including a street football initiative.

16:40 Now we're reminded of Sony Ericsson's eco-phones and plans to make its handsets more eco friendly.

16:41 The new Sony Xperia X2 is announced! It will feature Windows 6.2. Outlook synch, edit Office documents on the go, TV Out socket. 8.1MP camera, finger-friendly internet browsing, Walkman music player. On sale from Q4.

16:42 Sony Reader chat now. We've seen the two new Readers for the UK last week – the Reader Pocket Edition and Reader Touch Edition. Sony says its introducing them to us now but they feel like old (slightly disappointing) friends already.

16.45 Running through the Walkman range now.

16:46 Now a preview of the Vaio X Series – a Macbook Air killer in the making – 14mm thick, less than 700g, ultra-light, built in 3G and apparently "exceptional built quality" with a carbon fibre shell. A range of battery options. Sony predicts it'll last all day and well into the night. We'll see about that.

16:47 The Vaio X Series brings the press conference to an end. Much more than just the 3D TVs we knew we were getting. X Series extremely exciting as is 3D Playstation games. Look out for hands-on pics with as many things as we can get our grubby mits on.