If you’re a good geek you’ve seen these YouTube hits

As YouTube hits the 1 billion-viewer mark we round up the best of the best for geeks

YouTube geek hits – gaming

Made up of five 15-minute episodes and created to market Halo 4 this live action series is what we hope the Halo film will one day be like.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

When gaming geeks put in the hours of hardcore parkour and splash out for an Assassin’s Creed costume, this happens.

Assassin’s Creed parkour

One shot kills all round. Thanks freddiew.

Skyrim live action

Probably the best first-person video on the internet. Every boy’s fantasy lived out. With lashings of violence and dog-tossing.


YouTube geek hits – film and TV

If you’ve not seen Archer, shame on you. If you have, enjoy the chavanistic super spy hilariously taking questions from fans.

Biting Elbows

If you loved the Chris Nolan's third insallment in his Batman triology but admit to feeling like something wasn’t quite right with the plot, watch this pithy analysis for plenty of critical points when discussing it down the pub.

Archer Q ‘n’ A

Rube Goldberg who? This makes Mouse Trap look like, well, a board game.

The Dark Knight Rises Honest Trailer

If we could do to coding what Ken Block does to cars we’d all be running Google right now.

YouTube geek hits – extreme

We can do that. 'Course we can.

Red Bull Kluge

Scientists at Pennsylvania University, hellbent on humanity's destruction, have created a flying robot perfectly disposed to destroy our feeble fleshy forms. The apocalypse is only a matter of time now.

Ken Block Gymkhana

Our very own video shot on a super slow-mo cam that manages a staggering 1000fps.

Insane downhill bicycle

Not such a cool song but a very cool a capella take from this gang.

YouTube geek hits – gadgetsSwooping death from above

The definition of a viral and meta video rolled into one. Have you done yours yet?

Super slow-mo paintball

YouTube geek hits – music

When the virtual world meets reality, this is how things shall come to pass.

Walk Off The Earth – I Knew You Were Trouble

Use apps to make costumes with your smartphone or tablet. Great, if you don’t mind a tablet attached to your t-shirt.

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