If hipsters made Google Glass

They'd look more like glasses – this less-obtrusive concept reframes Google's smart specs
Google Glass concept

A clever bunch of ladies and gents at software development company Sourcebits have turned the nerdy Google Glass eyewear into a hipster's delight.

The result is a much more stylish proposition that's as technically well-equipped as Google's original creation, if not more so.

In the corner of one lens is the essential glass prism for overlaying the Android-based user-interface, allowing you to take a quick photo, check the time or read an email or two. Nothing new here. However, unlike Google Glass, the redesigned glasses stick the memory storage in one temple and the battery in the other, alleviating the issue of uneven weight distribution.

Glass eye

Another improvement is the superior battery indicator located on the inside of the left temple and the addition of a dual touch pad system that makes life easier for both left and right-handed users.

"Our team of talented designers, illustrators and 3D modelers thought that we could make a better looking, more functional piece of hardware than Google. Lofty? Maybe, but we think we did it," creative director Benjamin George explained.

Ultimately, the new design of Google Glass may still offend your eyes - who doesn't want to look like Lt Geordi La Forge from Star Trek? - but what matters is how the technology can be moulded into something more socially acceptable, which is key to its mainstream success (and not being bullied).

While there are no plans for the concept to reach production, Google is reportedly contemplating palling up with Warby Parker to design a more style-conscious version of its smart specs. Find out how we got on with Google Glass – and how stylish we look – in our eyes-on video.

[Source: Sourcebits via Designboom]