IE6 sentenced to death by Microsoft

That’s right, Internet Explorer 6, from 10 years ago, is still in use. But not for long

Internet Explorer 6 was born back in 2001 and, like one of Blade Runner’s Replicants, its lifetime has come to an end. While people continue to use the outdated Explorer, web developers must do more work to cater for them – slowing the progress of the internet. Microsoft is championing an online campaign, theie6countdown, in an attempt to encourage upgrades and cut usage down to 1% worldwide.

China is the largest offender, with a whopping 34.5% of the country still trapped in IE6 limbo.

Microsoft advises everyone to join the cause by displaying countdown banners on their sites, and educating their friends. You’ll be a mate-magnet down the pub with that chat.

We’ve done our bit to promote the cause. If you’re in the UK’s 3.5% still on IE6, firstly what are you doing on the Stuff website, and secondly stop slowing down progress.

And remember, the sooner IE6 dies, the sooner we can all become cyborgs.


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