Icon – Zeleritas electric car

We long for the day when electric-powered motors look this good 

Is that Batman’s Go-Kart?

Although the Dark Knight wouldn’t look at all out of place cruising around in this conceptual beauty, it is most definitely more than just a soap box racer.

Yawn. So it’s another electric car concept

Stifle your mouth and pay some respect where it’s due. This beast of a car boasts a carbon fibre shell, retractable glass hard-top and achingly cool exposed wheels – far cooler than a quirky paint job and 'go faster' racing stripes.

Looks aren’t everything you know.

We know, that’s why we’re smitten with the hi-tech windscreen which features an inbuilt HUD – think a GTA-like map on your windscreen so you never get distracted by pesky sat-navs again.

So what’s it rocking under the hood?

The designer Willie Tay hasn’t got that far yet, but that’s half of the fun of concepts. Take something cool, disregard the feasibility and just let your imagination go wild.