Icon – WD My Book Studio

The ultimate Mac accessory? Or just a plain old hard drive in a fancy case?

A hard drive? What happened to this cloud lark?

Face it, we like to hoard. Many of us still believe that 3TB of hi-res pictures and lossless backups of your massive CD collection are better than some web-sized Facebook galleries and streamed MP3s from Spotify. That's where Western Digital's My Book Studio comes in.

That sleek, brushed aluminium casing looks familiar

Go on, say it – it looks a lot like a Mac. WD doesn't want to ruin your shrine to Apple with some grim plastic box so it's designed the My Book Studio to perfectly complement your iMac or MacBook Pro.

Or MacBook Air. I suppose I'll pay a similar premium?

It depends how much data you're packing. The 3TB drive will set you back £205, while a baby 1TB version is just £120. Admittedly, you could pick up something of the same size for half that but – as Louis Vuitton knows all too well – fancy looking storage has its price.


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