Icon – VW E-Bugster

The classic roller gets an electric-fuelled sporty redesign

That's not my dad's Beetle…

Damn straight it isn't. This redesigned VW Beetle concept has a Porsche-esque feel to it, thanks to a sleeker, less rounded profile which we think is a big improvement over the previous model's aesthetics.


What's the story under the hood?

Actually, the real story lies in the battery – which sits where the rear seats would normally be, delivering 85kWh of power to an electric motor. It might take 11 seconds to hit 60mph, but a distance of 110 miles on a single charge (with a full charge time of only 35 mins) makes up for it.


Will it ever see the light of day?

It's certainly feasible given that the E-Bugster's powertrain is identical to the upcoming Golf Blue-e-motion's, so hold tight and see – you could be rolling round in a futuristic silent Beetle before you know it.


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