Icon – Victorinox TOMO

The classic Swiss Army Knife takes a trip to Japan

You've got it wrong – the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife was a real icon.

Well some of us fear change less than others and we quite like this oriental makeover – the first ever reinterpretation of the famous pocket knife. Previously, Victorinox had just added new colours and left the design – not to mention the blades, mini screwdrivers and scissors – well alone.

I can't imagine John McClane using one of these new models.

Au contraire, what the Die Hard films didn't show is that every action hero has a softer side. Japanese designer Kazuma Yamaguchi – who works for Abitax Design Tokyo, which collaborated with Victorinox – wanted users of the TOMO Swiss Army Knife to try out the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting alongside the regular chopping and hacking.

What next? A garlic-scented French version?

Not quite. Victorinox wanted to keep the design simple enough, leaving the fiddliness to all those tools lurking inside. Plus with eco-friendly egg box packaging and a £17.99 price tag, Boy Scouts and Japanophiles will be beside themselves.


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