Icon – Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones

Forget the food budget – who needs to eat when you can have cans like these?

Did someone recycle the interior of a supercar to forge those?

Not quite, but the materials certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a Veyron. Fashioned out of Ethiopian leather and zebrano wood with titanium-plated drivers and Kevlar cables, these open-back headphones look as if they’ve been pressed straight out of a Jag’s dashboard.

I think I'm supposed to say something about style and substance here

Ah, except in this case the Zebrano’s specially tuned drivers and S-Logic Plus technology result in some incredible, audiophile-approved sound. A veritable eargasm machine, if you will.

My bank card is already trembling. What’s the damage?

A financially devastating gut-punch of £1800 smackeroos. Each unit comes with a custom-built padded wooden box and stand, as well as an air of importance over lesser mortals who cannot afford to don their lug holes with such decadent luxury.


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