Icon – Tick Tock clock

Enter the world in style, each and every morning with this retro alarm clock

What is this, the stone age?

Don't be fooled by the iconic retro stylings of Edifier's Tick Tock clock, as those bell-like protrusions are just for show – the insides have all the tech needed to wake you up in style.

Such as?

Such as an FM radio, SD card slot and USB port, allowing you to wake up to hand-picked tunes or DJ nattering instead of the unforgivable earth-shattering cacophony of ringing metal bells. An AUX input and two omnidirectional speakers round things off rather nicely.

I'm tempted…

In that case head on over here where you can pick up a Tick Tock of your very own for US$70. Hopefully you'll be able to drag yourself out of the cosy warmth of bed and into the dark winter chill without too much grumbling from now on...

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