Icon – TDK 2 speaker boombox

TDK turns to its roots to bring us a (ghetto) blast from the past

A boombox? What is this? 1985?

Check your calendar and shut up. Yes it’s a boombox, but it’s got a 21st Century twist – lots of twists as a matter of fact. A dedicated sub ensures your low ends aren’t lost, and it plays nice with iPods and USB drives, letting you browse through libraries with the selection dial.


Like every other iPod dock ever

You didn’t let me finish. An AM/FM radio offers a respite from your awful music collection and when you’re feeling really funky you can plug in an instrument of your choice and strum along to whatever’s playing. How’s that for innovation?


But can I hoist it up on my shoulder and swagger down the street?

12 D-cell batteries offer portable power, though it would've been even more retro if they'd still been called U2 batteries, like they were in the '80s. Not that it matters – you'd be better off parking this in your living room than dragging it around the street. You wouldn't want to pollute its stylish minimalism and padded aluminium handle. Also did we mention the volume knob goes up to 11? Sold.

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