Icon – Swissvoice Epure

The Swissvoice Epure laughs in the face of the humble house phone

A sofa, eh? Well, this is a new one

It's not about the sofa. Or the vase. See that stylish phone on the table. That's what we're looking at here. Its a Swissvoice Epure.

It doesn't look very hi-tech

You're right – it's a cordless phone with 10 hours of talk time and a 50m range. Not exciting. But fancy specs are for smartphones. The Epure's mostly about stunning design. Look at that minimalist frame. That'll make your BT Decor 2000 cower in its corner.

Desirable DECT phones? That really is a new one

Clearly, you've never seen the Sagemcom Sixty, which made into our 2011 Cool List. And we've heard whispers of more fancy landline phones coming soon. For now, you can pick up the Swissvoice Epure for £70 in black or white. Geddit? Pick up? Oh, forget it.



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