Icon – Star Wars: The Blueprints

Lightsabers at the ready? Good, because we’re about to turn the geekiness in here all the way up to 11 

Since when has a book been iconic?

Ever heard of The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? This particular tome is a gargantuan 16kg in weight and contains 500 original blueprints from the Star Wars universe – blueprints that were drawn and utilised in the creation of the legendary locations, props and characters that we’ve all been infatuated with for years.

Sounds pretty good. This book token should be enough, right?

Sure, if it can cover the US$1,000 needed for the first 125 signed versions or US$500 for the remaining 4,875  un-inked copies. Cue price tag outrage in 3, 2, 1…

Okay, where do I sign? It is Star Wars after all and the geek kudos must be off the charts.

That’s the spirit. Check out the official site here for all the juicy info and previews before trying out your Jedi mind tricks to lower the final asking price. Good luck young Padawan, and may the force be with you…