Icon – Sony G Series

Sony’s new iPod-docking mini system makes us feel a little lustful

A micro hi-fi. Is that it?

While the rest of the world has been rushing around trying to work out what version of Android it should be running, Sony’s hi-fi engineers have gone back to basics and returned with this understated piece of design loveliness. You don’t like it?

It’s okay. What version of Android is it running?

It’s not. Obviously. But it does have a USB port, so you can plug in a phone, memory stick or MP3 player. It’s even got Made for iPod certification so it’ll support your Apple iPhone  or, if you’re a bit old-fashioned, iPod Classic.

What year is this again?

There’s Wi-Fi for wireless network streaming with a PC or media server. And there’s DAB radio, too. More importantly, Sony’s G Series uses geometry to stamp out distortion and those sexily retro speaker cabs have been tuned to handle the full force of the 60W amp delivery.

Does it have a retro price as well?

Sadly, that’s a question for the future. The near future – we’re expecting Sony’s latest micro hi-fi to hit the shelves any minute now.

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