Icon – Samsung SA950

Need a sexy monitor to give your desk a smidgeon of futuristic styling? Look no further

Quick, put a mug under that monitor – it looks like it’s going to fall over.

Wait. Save your mug for the hot Ribena of shame, for you’re mistaken. This 27in Samsung monitor represents a triumph of design over expectations. Namely, the expectation that monitors must have the standy-up bit in the middle.

So it’s a just a ‘designer’ monitor? Pass the lukewarm Ribena of meh.

Actually, the swirly stand isn’t the best bit of the SA950. Samsung has crammed a whole lot of brains (not literally, that would be weird) into this swanky active-shutter 3D screen, pairing a 120Hz refresh rate with a backlight that also switches on and off 120 times a second, for

a brighter picture and smoother motion. Its 3D processing tech, which converts 2D to 3D as well, even controls colour and contrast on the fly for a finer picture.

Active shutter, eh? Better pass the expensive Ribena instead.

Admittedly, the glasses will be pricey. But this isn’t a massive telly for movie nights, it’s a monitor that makes your desk look all futuristic, and should be great for 3D gaming, given the right PC. That said, the ‘MagicAngle’ tech improves 3D viewing angles, so if you want to cram your friends around the desk for a multi-dimensional moviefest, you’ll all have great seats. You could even slide the pizza underneath.

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