Icon – Sagemcom Sixty

This retro home phone gets us all misty-eyed over the days before touchscreens. Well, sort of

This will be perfect with my brown and cream wallpaper

Sarcasm detected. The last thing your flat needs is another black and grey aluminium gadget with your mug reflecting off every shiny surface. Try luminous dial buttons and a retro, high gloss orange finish for size.

It’s a bit, er, housewifey

Think Bond. Pretend you’re Roger Moore receiving the details of your latest mission. And select the classic dialling sound and ring tone for the full retro hotel room effect. Naturally, you’ll need to sweep for listening devices before taking the call.

And in the real world?

The Sagemcom Sixty is more than just a pretty dial face – it’s a cordless DECT phone with 10 hours of talk time and a range of 50m. There’s also voicemail, contacts and a speakerphone. It’s yours for the slightly unreal price of £100, but style doesn’t come cheap.

And the real world where landlines are still relevant?

Er… did I mention how nice it looks?


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