Icon – Rubicon Atomic preamp

Enter the nuclear age with this preamp that combines sleek style with atomic-powered innards

I don't even know what that is, yet I still want it

That's good design for you. This stunning slab of shiny tech is Antelope Audio's Rubicon Atomic preamp. It packs in a digital to analogue converter (DAC) with built-in DLNA streaming capability – allowing you to stream audio from your phone, PC or NAS server, straight to your Hi-Fi. 

Anything else?

Why yes, there is – the Rubicon Atomic is also the world's first preamp with an in-built Rubidium atomic clock, making it 100,000 more stable than a traditional crystal oscillator. In English, this means that the sound quality should be clear enough for even the pickiest audiophile.

Do I want to know the price?

Probably not, but its actual price has yet to be confirmed so you can pretend to afford it, for now at least. While you're at it, you can conjure up a mansion to put it in, complete with a few vintage cars thrown in for good measure.

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