Icon – real Tron Lightcycle bike

You read that right, there's a real fully working lightcycle bike based on the Tron: Legacy model, and you can buy it right now

By the beard of Jeff Bridges, this can’t be real?

We’re very happy to say this is not only real, but road legal. It even packs electroluminescent lights for the full Tron effect, and maximum nighttime attention seeking. With all that illumination, it’s probably safer than a normal bike – in fact all bikes should look like this, for health and safety reasons.

What’s the catch? It’s really slow and battery-powered right?

Wrong again, this bad boy is packing a huge 996cc 4-stroke Suzuki engine. On top of that, its steel frame is covered in light fiberglass cowling and hubless wheels for the shape so there’s very little to slow you down. Thank God there won't be any glowing walls appearing in front of you in reality.

I want, I want, I want.

Before you get ahead of yourself, bear in mind that cornering isn’t easy, you’ll be riding it virtually horizontally and getting a light-up suit to match won’t be easy. Oh, and it costs US$55,000 from Hammaacher.


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