Icon – Pure Evoke Mio Abacus Flower

Bored of black and white gadgetry? How about a floral finish for your tech?

Since when was this a hippie site?

Since never. Not that we’ve anything against hippies, but we’d suggest the market for floral gadgetry extends beyond people who grow their own cabbages.

Like who?

Such as the people who buy other stuff designed by hot shot Irish designer Orla Kiely: handbags, kitchenware, hats, stationery and wallpaper among them. She even painted up a load of Citroen DS3s once.

Next stop: computer monitors?

Not as far as we know, but this is Kiely’s second collaborative DAB radio with Pure. It’s a stock Evoke Mio underneath, but if you split with £150 at John Lewis or Orla Kiely’s own emporiums, you’ll get to jump the trend in floral tech. It’s out later this month.

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