Icon – Peugeot HX1 concept

Driving a French car suddenly got a whole lot cooler

Nice. Where’s the flux capacitor?

Yes, it’s got a whiff of Back to the Future’s DeLorean DMC-12, though the designer cites Lamborghini as a styling influence on the Peugeot HX1. But it’s not just skin deep. The chassis is a wooden “hull” (French oak, natch) studded with LED lights for mood lighting.

But it’s a four-seater. Not cool…

Actually, the HX1 can take six. The second row of seats is moulded into the driver and passenger seatbacks, telescopically sliding out when needed. In four-seater mode, there’s enough rear legroom to fully stretch your stilts out.

Any good toys?

Yep – there’s gesture and voice controls galore in the cockpit, while at speed each alloy wheel is closed off by panels moved into place by centrifugal force. You’ll be able to get your eyes on Peugeot’s new designer motor at Frankfurt where it’s launching on 13th September. Sadly, they’re unlikely to let you take the HX1 for a spin.

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