Icon – Orphiro motorbike

Riding the highway to hell has never been quieter, thanks to this electric beast

Is that a Harley sent from the future?

Not quite, although you’d be forgiven for making that assumption, given its clear homage to the legendary chopper’s design. This is the Orphiro, an electric bike that promises to all but abolish pesky fuel expenditure, allowing you to relax and enjoy guilt-free joy rides.

Electric? My granddad could overtake that thing on his mobility scooter

We think that would be rather unlikely, given the top speed of 75mph that this electrified beast is able to achieve, thanks to 72 volts of power provided by its Li-ion batteries.  We’d like to see an OAP try to catch up with one of these without breaking a hip or two.

Still pretty useless if the charge dies after a trip to town

Granted you wouldn’t use this as your primary vehicle for going on cross-country adventures, but 60 miles on a single charge is nothing to be sniffed at. It's available from September, with pricing yet to be unveiled.


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