Icon – Oh by Tutondo

Proof that beautiful sounds don't have to come from hideous square boxes

Oh. Who’s Tutondo?

There’s no need to sound so disappointed. Or were you just saying the name? Tutondo might read like the moniker of the Lone Ranger’s new sidekick, but it’s actually the audio arm of the small Italian outfit that’s crafted this science-inspired 5.1 speaker package. With its spherical speakers, it takes the concept of satellites almost a little too literally, turning your home cinema into a solar system of sound.

Yeah, I bet they sound like Uranus…

Don’t be juvenile. And you want 
to be careful: that interplanetary chic gives them a certain energy-beam channeling, lightsaber-wielding, sci-fi power. The spherical shape of each 80W passive satellite is designed to maximise clarity, increase response linearity and indicate perfection (English translation: they sound ear-manglingly brilliant).

Nobody’s perfect

Yeah, well, you’d know all about that. But how can you fault the interchangeable coloured rings round each satellite speaker, the fabric and aluminium finish, or the two-metre tall, 200W active subwoofer that doubles as a lamp? It’s like an illuminated spaceship on a mission to Planet Bass. Even the graphite-grey knobs on its stand scream class. Set the controls for the heart of home cinema heaven, and strap yourself in.