Icon – Nooka Zizm

Time gets a thermometer-style makeover

There’s a swordsman on the loose.

Don’t worry, the Nooka Zizm watch can hold its own. And it’s thanks to the faceted crystal lens that the ZenH display is all refracted and eye-catching. To continue the just-been-attacked design, the watchface is at a wonky angle to the silicone strap.

Those bars look ominous.

Don’t you find the thermometer-like design comforting? The Zizm's face splits time up into four bars, with the top two bars showing the hour, the third bar taking care of minutes and the bottom bar counting down the seconds.

What is a Nooka anyway and how can I give it some money?

It’s a design company based in New York that’s made some crazy watches in the past. You can pre-order the Zizm now in two colours, Midnight Blue or Titanium, to ship on October 24 for £240 (US$375).

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