Icon – Niyari Atari 400 keyboard

Oozing retro style, this platter of keys designed to look like an Atari 400 is going straight to the top of our wish list

Can you break me off a key? I’ve already eaten all my Easter eggs

Hold your chops – this keyboard may be brown, but it’s definitely not chocolate. It’s a (debatably) stylish nod back to the classic keyboard of the Atari 400. Ring any bells?

Wasn’t that the home PC for kids? With the atrocious keyboard?

Sort of. It was powerful enough for adults to use too, in between sessions of Donkey Kong. Admittedly the keyboard was a pain to use – it was pressure sensitive and therefore easy to clean jam and snot off, but wasn’t something you’d want to type an essay on.

So why bother?

Because we live in a world that can. Because retro things are cool. And because normal keyboards are boring. Also, this limited edition has already sold out, and there’s nothing more covetable than stuff you can’t have.

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