Icon – Mordaunt Short Performance 6 LE

Towering speakers don't have to look like high-rise flats; they can be works of art…

Ooh, shiny

That's the best you can offer is it? Shiny. I'm sending you on an Advanced Adjectives course. These Mordaunt Short Performance 6 Limited Edition speakers are magnificent, mesmerising and melodious.

Does that mean they sound all right?

I'm this close to giving up. No, this close. Yes, they sound amazing – probably as good as you'll hear on the more acceptable side of £10k.

Is that how much they cost?!

No, they're a far more reasonable £3500. I was just saying you'd have to pay more than £10k to get bettter. Oh, never mind. They're good.

Better than my car speakers?

Yes. For a start, they're not in your car. Then there's the polymer resin cabinet, the stunning aspirated tweeter technology, and the combination of a mid-range driver and two woofers to handle low frequencies (or bass to you).