Icon – Meta Watch

Hack this watch to pieces, just leave the leather and stainless steel alone

The analogue one looks pretty, er, analogue

Aha, but what's that on the watch face? Could that be some data synced via Bluetooth straight to the Fossil Meta Watch from an Android smartphone or tablet? Not so analogue now, eh?

Watch phones are so passé...

It's not a watch phone. It's a watch smartphone. And we all know that smartphones are wasted on the sort of people who think they're for making calls. The two versions of the Meta Watch have been opened up to app developers before their release in the US at the end of September. Applications could include things like flight data (coordinated to the time of travel) worn on your sleeve.

Can I murmur instructions into it too?

Steady on. The sample code for developers includes things like alarms, instant messaging and alerts to let you know who's calling – there's no voice control just yet, but come the time we'll be able to part with US$200 (£120) in the hope that developers jump on the chance to create the watch we've always dreamed of. The one that communicates with our talking car.


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