Icon – McLaren P1

Hold on to your butts – McLaren is about to introduce the supercar successor to the F1

Ahoy-hoy, what is this beautiful thing?

It's the McLaren P1, the British company's next road-worthy supercar – and the successor to the 20 year-old F1, which didn't so much raise the road car bar as send it hurtling into orbit, never to return.

So this P1, what's its story?

Well, it's designed for lap times rather than explosive speed – so while it has something like 960bhp at its disposal, it probably won't outrun a Bugatti Veyron in a drag race. It sports a Formula 1-esque kinetic recovery system and rumour has it a top speed of 239mph and a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds. There's loads more info on it over at Autocar.

OK, I'm sold. When can I buy one and how much?

Well, the model pictured is technically a "design study" or advanced concept which will be shown at the Paris Motor Show later this month. However the P1 is set to go into production and the final version, thought to will be shown next year, will likely look near identical. There'll be no more than 500 models produced, and should you be lucky enough to get on the list for one of those, you'll have to part with £800,000.

£800,000? Good grief…

Look at it as an investment, buddy: if you'd bought one of the 108 McLaren F1s made 20 years ago for its list price of £540,000, you could now expect to receive almost £4 million for one at auction...

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