Icon – M55 Terminus hybrid bike

If Bruce Wayne had an electric bicycle…

Let’s get price out of the way. That thing looks expensive 

Straight to the point, eh? Okay – €25,555 for the cheapest model and not a penny less.

Speechless, I take it? Before you ask why it’s so special, just look at it. M55 has taken the humble two-wheeled pedal bike and transformed it to resemble the result of a testosterone-fuelled collaboration between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.

Bugatti Veyrons cost a bomb too, but at least they can back up the price tag

So can the Terminus. Its hybrid drive, coupled with ingenious sensors, result in the electric motor giving a much needed boost to your weak, flabby legs. The 90 percent efficient, 250-1500W motor can churn out 540rpm, producing a top speed of 67kph.

Colour me impressed. If I win the lottery, where can I buy one?

Straight from M55 online. Each 55th piece will be a special edition with a custom paintjob and each purchase comes with a golden plate dedicated to you, the proud, lucky (and filthy rich) owner.