Icon – Loewe Connect ID

Meet the customisable telly whose dashing looks can be made to compliment even the most flamboyant of interiors

That is one big tablet

The Loewe Connect ID's fold-over design might resemble that of the Sony Tablet S, but it is in fact a telly. And a rather nice looking one at that.

Interesting colour scheme...

It sure is, but don't worry – if lime green and white doesn't agree with your colour palette then Loewe can serve up 2,160 individual design options. From black, white, silver, beige, green or orange housings to high gloss black or white frames, the Loewe Connect ID is yours to customise however you like.

Looks aren't everything you know

We know, which is why we also appreciate the 200Hz 3D screen, integrated 500GB hard drive, Loewe's DR+ streaming technology and 80W speakers. If you've been sufficiently wooed then head on down to Harrods to order a Connect ID now. Just don't expect it to go easy on your wallet.

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