Icon – Lit Motors C-1

A gyroscopic two-wheeler that simply can’t fall over, the C-1 is the latest candidate for transport of the future

A two-wheeled vehicle? Doesn’t it just fall on its side?

You couldn’t be more wrong, buddy. The Lit C-1 is gyroscopically balanced, meaning it’ll stay upright of its own accord – and it’s pretty much impossible to knock down. Even if it's side-swiped by a car, it’ll stay steady.

Nifty – but what else does it have going for it?

You mean the fact that it looks like a Tron light cycle doesn’t convince you you need to buy one? Well, okay: it’s easy on the eyes; it seats two people; and it’s electricity powered and able to travel from 150-220 miles on a charge. It’s small and easy to park too, so it’s basically the perfect commuter vehicle.

Sold! Where can I buy one?

You can’t – not yet anyway. Lit Motors plans on rolling the C-1 out in 2014, and it’ll be priced at $24,000 (which converts to about £15,200 at the time of writing).

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