Icon – Lincoln Continental 2025

We’d happily freeze ourselves for 13 years if it meant that we could drive around in this classy roller

I’m sorry. I like my cars a little more… real

This might just be a concept render by a couple of design students, but Ford liked it so much that it commissioned a quarter-scale model to be specially built for the Detroit Motor Show. If it’s good enough for Ford, it should be more than good enough for you.

Well, it does look rather sleek, I suppose

It’s more than just sleek, thanks to its unique half-covered tires, cream coloured interior (complete with bonsai tree – yes, really) and all glass roof which cleverly flaunts the Lincoln logo. Did we mention it’s an all-electric concept for 2025?

2025? I can’t wait that long

We wouldn’t expect you to walk around for 13 years. Enjoy whatever banger you’re rolling around in now and bide your time. Hopefully Ford will keep this shiny roller on its to-do list so we can snap one up in little over a decade’s time. Assuming the Mayans turn out to be wrong of course…

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