Icon – Lexus LF-LC concept

Treat your eyes to some automotive art with the latest concept from Lexus. You'll definitely want one for yourself

Okay. That is one good looking car

Yes it is – to put it mildly. This gorgeous example of automotive design comes straight from the designers at Lexus. Meet the LF-LC concept.

Aren't you going to introduce me?

Certainly. Lexus has designed this 2+2 sports coupe to have a futuristic, organic shape to connect driver and machine. The LF-LC is aiming for the 'wow factor' – and they've definitely nailed it.

Hang on, did you say concept earlier on?

I'm afraid so. We're just going to have to ogle the alluring curves and shiny red paint job on our monitors for the time being. Not that we'd be able to afford one, in any case.

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