Icon – Lexus LF-CC

Lexus' new mid-sized coupe looks set to influence the Japanese manufacturer's next generation of compact luxury motors


Looks pretty stylish – are you sure it's a Lexus?

Hey, don't be rude. Lexus may not be known for its design flair but it consistently turns out handsome motors. Of which, yes, the LF-CC certainly is one. It rocks an insanely huge grille, some nice "creases" in the bodywork and that sweeping coupe hood. It's perhaps not as stylistically "out there" as the LF-LC concept, but it's certainly a looker.

Doesn't Lexus already have a coupe in this mid-size range?

Yes, the IS line is available in some parts of the world in coupe form, but it was introduced back in 2008 – so there's definitely scope for a new model, and this concept could be the basis.

Talk tech to me…

OK, well there's a multi-screen Display Zone on the dashboard, and a touch display for controlling all sorts of functions. And the super-efficient new 2.5-litre hybrid engine will be used in a host of Lexus' future production cars. We'll probably find out a lot more at the Paris Motor Show, which opens its doors on 29 September.

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