Icon – Klipsch Mode

One look at these beautifully crafted cans and your Beats will go running back to Dr Dre

Are those headphones, or a work of art?

Both. These exquisitely beautiful cans offer up more than just tech eye-candy, though – the Klipsch name has always been synonymous with a quality audio experience and this luxurious offering – Klipsch Mode – is no different.

Let’s just hope its brains match its beauty

How does 45 hours of noise-cancelling audio on a single battery sound? Not to mention the deep bass, clear mids and crystal clear highs offered up by a 40mm mid/low woofer with a 15mm tweeter. The collapsible plush leather earcups all but top off the eargasmic Mode cans.

Is this the part where you tell me it will cost more than my car?

Not unless you’ve got a terribly old banger, no. The Klipsch Mode headphones will cost US$350 in the US, with those of us this side of the pond forced to wait until nearer the autumn launch to get UK pricing. But we're listening...


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