Icon – KEF Blade

British audio boffs celebrate 50th birthday by designing some massive speakers. Doesn't everyone?

You need to clip your horses’ toenails

And you need to learn to appreciate good design. These are KEF’s new Blade speakers, crafted to honour half a century of speakermanship.

I don’t think they’ll fit behind my TV

Even putting these in the same room as your knackered Sony Trinitron is an affront to the Blades’ bold design. There’s method in KEF's shapes, too – the individual driver sections separate frequency bands while keeping the audio image intact. Opposed symmetrical pairs of drivers cancel distortion…

Just hurry up and get to the bit about them being a concept

Actually, they’re yours for £20,000 this summer in white or black, while the more adventurous audiophile can peel off further notes to have the polished glass reinforced composite cabs painted in a range of fancy-sounding colours, including garnet, stardust and lime sorbet. Yum.

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