Icon – Jensen Interceptor

British sports cars get set for a style-loaded reinvention. Thanks to the Swiss

The classic ‘60s GT, lovingly restored

Actually, this car isn’t the Jensen Interceptor introduced in 1966. Nor its 1950 predecessor, also called the Jensen Interceptor. It’s not even the Jensen Interceptor Series 4 that poked its bonnet over the automotive parapet in the ‘80s. This is the 2014 edition of the Jensen Interceptor. Though it is based on the model that was built from 1966-76. Have a pat on the back.

Best of British, eh?

Actually, the Jensen brand is owned by Healy Sports Cars Switzerland, but CPP Global Holdings, a British specialist automotive group has been appointed to engineer, develop and build the Jensen Interceptor. In Coventry. In 2014.

It’s never going to happen, is it?

CPP’s founder, a chap called Brendan O’Toole, reckons “work is at an advanced stage” and that “the Jensen design team has respected the great heritage of the original Interceptor while injecting a contemporary edge. The new Interceptor will be an exceptional example of British automotive excellence.”

Except it’s Swiss

Yes, but things made in Switzerland and England have a common bond: they’re furiously expensive. There’s no official price yet, but don’t expect to be able to trade your Vauxhall Corsa for one. Or even a fraction of one. Unless the Corsa becomes a classic by 2014.

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