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The LEDs on this eco-friendly lamp will keep on shining for 37 years

That doesn’t look like a Hoover…

How observant of you. But Hoover’s a brand name, you mean vacuum cleaner. Either way you’ve got the wrong Dyson: the cyclonic carpet cleaners and fancy hand driers are Jake’s dad’s handiwork. So while the CSYS desk lamp might look a bit like a crane for ants it’s actually packed with the kind of clever tech and design ingenuity you’d expect from a man whose father invented a fan that looks like a teleporter.

What’s so special about a lamp?

A few things. The aluminium arm that holds the eight LEDs moves through three axes: up and down, forward and back, and 360º around. Its bearing-based mechanism was inspired by an architect’s drawing board, so it glides as smoothly as a greased weasel down a silk trouser leg. There’s also a touch sensitive power button that dims the light from the LEDs to the precise desired intensity. Incidentally, those LEDs make the CSYS five times as efficient as halogen desk lamps.

I bet the bulbs are expensive…

No need to worry about that. The CSYS uses heatpipe cooling tech developed for satellites and computer chips. A hollow copper pipe with a smidge of moisture in it conducts heat away from the LEDs instantly and dissipates it using the whole arm as a heat sink – and cool LEDs live longer. So long, in fact, that your CSYS will keep shining for at least 37 years – and that’s a conservative estimate – making it one to hand down to the grandkids.

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