Icon – Hanebrink bike

Small it may be, but the Hanebrink electric off-road bike is also mighty. And mighty expensive

Didn’t know Batman was joining the circus

It’s black and looks a bit like a monkey bike, yes. But does the average clown’s two-wheeler profess to ride on snow and ice, dirt and concrete? It does not.

Didn’t know Batman was into off-roading

It’s not Batman’s, it wasn’t designed by Lucius Fox and it isn’t fictional. This 600W electric bike is as real as its sprung chain drive and all-terrain tyres. It was designed by a bloke called Dan Hanebrink. And it could be yours for US$5500.

I could probably get a flight to Gotham for that

Further than you’ll get on the Hanebrink with its top speed of 20mph and range of 100 miles on a charge. Maybe Grantham, eh?

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