Icon – Grand Prix Monaco turntable

Leave wireless, lossless multiroom stereo to the proletariat. Carbon fibre turntables are much classier

Not another carbon fibre waffle iron…

Alas not – if you were to try making Belgium’s favourite snack on the Monaco Grand Prix Audio 1.5, you’d make a mess and be no closer to gastronomic fulfilment.

I was joking. It’s another fancy record player, isn’t it?

Er, yes, I suppose so. The sleek carbon fibre plinth not only provides the optimum structural shape for dampening, but will also nicely match your carbon fibre-clad MacBook.

Out with it then. How much?

A princely €23,000 – and before you complain, bear in mind that the magnesium platter sits atop an oil suspension bearing for a smooth ride. That in turn is kept in motion by a phosphor bronze flywheel. And the Grand Prix Monaco turntable promises to rid you of all but 0.02 per cent of errors. Plus shielded cables and gold-plated circuitry come as standard. It is rather a lot though, isn’t it?

[via: Luxury Launches]

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