Icon – the Glance phone

Not enough chin on your phone? The Glance will turn a few heads

Let me guess... the world's first quarter-pipe stunt phone?

Not until scientists invent the nanoboard and Rick Moranis's kids show up. The idea behind the Glance phone is that it’s slim enough to fit in your pocket comfortably with a fat top that sticks out to aid easy removal.

... by pick-pockets?

Admittedly, yes, that could be a snag, especially given the glowing notifications displayed on the OLED screen built into the top edge. So although your phone doesn't need to leave your trousers unless it's strictly necessary, it may attract some undesirable, erm, Glances.

But good ones, too?

You'd think so, but you're unlikely to find out. The Glance is a concept by designer Alan Gerardo Ferias. That said, the there's nothing unrealistic about this 4in OLED blower, so if someone does decide to make it, you can get in the queue. We still think there's more chance of seeing Rick Moranis's fictionally shrunken kids ollying off the lip.

[via Yanko Design]


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