Icon – Genelec 6000A Tube Limited Edition

Fed up with your boxy speakers? Tube these on for size…

Is this some kind of Pringles can monument?

If it’s snacks you’re after then look elsewhere – the only thing these eye-catching speakers will be feeding are your ears.

What's with the tube?

The specially designed aluminium enclosure creates a diffuse sound field which makes use of walls and objects to disperse sound evenly. The result is a portable little loudspeaker that can flood an entire room with your favourite tunes.

Impressive stuff. How much?

As expected, these limited edition speakers come at a price – €450 to be exact. 1,000 units are destined for Japan with only another 1,000 for sale through Genelec’s webshop, so you'd better hurry if you want to snap up a little piece of audible uniqueness.


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