Icon – Extraterrestrial hybrid bike

No need to adjust your glasses – this is indeed supposed to be a bike


Looks like someone had a nasty crash

Crumpled appearances aside, this electric bike’s yellow carbon-fibre reinforced polymer frame exudes menace while simultaneously offering an impressive strength-to-yield ratio. In other words, you would definitely want to be seen riding one.

How does it, you know… work?

An excellent question, which we’re not entirely sure how to answer. Being a conceptual design, the actual logistics of this odd two-wheeler aren’t exactly clear, although we do know that a battery powers the built-in motor, lights and charging dock for communication/entertainment devices.

Is there a point here somewhere?

Do you see a chain anywhere in the picture? A design like this would finally remove the weakest, peskiest link in the traditional bicycle design – say goodbye to dodgy chains and hello to lazy battery-powered pedal transport.