Icon – Elipson Music Center

We wouldn't want your Elipson Planet L speakers getting lonely

Ah, a digital cake tin. Essential kit for the 21st century baker.

Not quite, but the Elipson Music Centre is just as tasty. Elipson also does a set of big, red, globe-shaped speakers called the Planet Ls – and the Music Center is what you should plug a pair into. With a CD player, DAB and USB input stashed inside its lozenge-shaped aluminium shell, it’ll give your living room hi-fi setup a touch of B&O chic.

You’re not joking. £1300? What a rip-off!

Easy on the accusations, sonny. The Music Center is actually powered by Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower system, making those aesthetic similarities entirely understandable. It means there’s a pair of B&O’s 120W amps sitting behind the touch-sensitive front panel, plus an optical digital input that allows you to plug it into your TV. Don’t expect 5.1 surround sound, though.

To be honest, it all sounds disappointingly wired...

Wrong again. The Music Center comes with a USB dongle that uses Kleer tech to stream lossless tunes from your Mac or PC. For a limited time you’ll also get an iThing-compatible one in the box (after that, you’ll have to pay £80 for it). So there’ll be no messing around with Wi-Fi networks – just plug in and press play. Now, what did you do with that cake?


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