Icon – Ducati Penigale 1199

Meet the proof that naked, even on bikes, is better

Dear God that bike’s naked!

We too were shocked, but only by how attractive the Ducati Penigale 1199 looks with its shell-free monocoque chassis.  By cramming all the parts in one centralised position Ducati has done away with a traditional frame and essentially made the engine the frame. So tightly packed is it, you can’t even see through to the other side at any point in the central body. Efficient – but not so fun for servicing.

Yes it looks great, but won’t that get hot all crammed in like that?

Very true, there’s little airflow over separate components to keep them cool. And with 195bhp at 14,200 rpm there’s going to be a lot of heat. We’ll just have to hope that this crazily high rev limit for a twin was all part of Ducati’s master plan. That or only ride it in the winter.

So is that the finished version?

If it’s anything like the previous model there will be a fairing – in this case a superbike shaped outer shell – on its way. But we kind of like its raw naked look. What we don’t like is Ducati pricing. There’s nothing official yet but if it’s as much as its predecessor you can expect to shell out at least £15,000 for the basic model alone.

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