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Ducati pals up with fashion brand Diesel for this "urban military chic" version of its Monster 1100EVO

Wait, what? Ducati is making a diesel motorbike?

No, silly – a Diesel motorbike. Ducati's teamed up with fashion brand Diesel for this special edition bike, dolled up in "urban military chic."

What's "urban military chic" when it's at home?

Well, you get a new lick of paint, with yellow brake callipers, the frame finished in black and the bodywork painted in Diesel Brave Green with a matte finish. You also get some swanky looking new exhaust heat shields, Diesel branding on the seat cover and a new dashboard cover. And – Diesel being a fashion brand, and all – it's also created a Capsule Collection of suitably stylish biker togs to match your ride, with treated rubber prints inspired by the bike's tyres.

Looks good to me – but is it all trousers and no mouth?

Nope – the bike's based on Ducati's Monster 1100EVO, so you get a 1078cc engine pumping out 100hp, Marzocchi front suspension and a Ducati Safety Pack comprising ABS brake system and 4-level Ducati Traction Control. It doesn't come cheap, though – expect to pay just shy of US$14,000 for the Ducati Monster Diesel.

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