Icon – BRD RedShift MX

Meet the all electric two-wheeler whose looks more than match its green credentials

That, is a nice looking bike

We're glad we agree for once. Indeed, the RedShift's orange, white and black styling is easy on the eyes, but don't be fooled by its looks alone. It's got brains too.


Yep. It may be all electric, but its light 113kg weight serves up a tasty power to weight ratio which, coupled with its 5.2kWh battery, results in a 40+ hp bike which can more than hold its own against other 250cc offerings.

Do I even want to know how much it is?

A rather pricey US$15,000 we're afraid. Look on the bright side though, you won't have to pay for petrol and you'll hardly make a sound before crashing into any pesky trees and/or fluffy woodland creatures.

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